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Tips to Avoid Account Suspension on Amazon

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It is easy to get on the Amazon bandwagon and just as easily fall off if your store does not match strict criteria and Amazon suspends you. Getting back and is difficult so it is better for Amazon sellers to be on guard and prevent any such thing from happening. Just follow these tips.

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1) Monitor Listings

Monitor your listings for price and description at all times to ensure the prices match similar products offered by other sellers. Click on inventory and then manage inventory and then on fix price alert and select potential pricing error and then confirm by setting minimum and maximum price range so that you are saved the embarrassment of Amazon account suspended on price grounds.

2) Stay In Touch With Amazon For Each Notification

To avoid Amazon account suspension always stay on top of notifications and respond promptly, possibly within minutes and adopt a polite, courteous tone to resolve an issue. Clarify your stand and clear up confusion or issues that may be raised by buyers and their feedbacks or reviews. Pay special attention to warning mail from

3) Always Respond To Buyers Promptly

Prepare a plan of action for Amazon account management and make sure you have a plan to respond to buyers. This applies to queries, order acknowledgement, packing and shipping and post purchase issues. Amazon may ask you to submit such a plan of action to avoid suspension.

4) Monitor Account Health On Daily Basis

Avoid an Amazon account suspended situation by monitoring health of your account which means there should be no complaints about order defects, very few or no pre-fulfilment cancellation by seller.

5) Improve Late Shipment Rate

This could be a ground for Amazon account suspension so avoid late shipment. It is calculated by taking number of orders not shipped by confirmed date divided by number of orders shipped in time and should be less than 4%.

6) Enhance Product Quality, Steer Clear Of Brands And Trademarks

Make sure to stock and sell only quality, proven products and avoid brands and trademarks since these may be grounds for infringement that could lead to Amazon sellers account suspension.

7) Avoid Counterfeit Notifications

Avoid the temptation to sell fakes, duplicates, knock-offs and counterfeit products to make a fast back. It will boomerang and result in Amazon account suspension and getting back means you will have a tough job ahead. You may need to rope in Amazon account rescue specialist to help you out.

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