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How to Sell on Ebay – Ebay Sell Online – Selling on Ebay

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Ebay has been known since long as the perfect site for individuals to sell products and for people to search for and find bargains. In recent times Ebay is being made use of by regular traders as a business tool. Whichever your inclination, you can make a profit by selling on Ebay. It is easy to get started and sell on Ebay. Read on to learn how to start selling on Ebay.

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Register As A Seller

Navigate to the register as a seller on Ebay on their seller section. You will need to provide complete details including phone number and email address and provide identification such as credit or debit card. You can just as well use email or phone number for identification. Ebay sends a PIN which has to be entered to complete the registration process.

Documents Required For EBay Registration -

1. First name and Last name 2. E-mail address 3. Password 4. GSTIN Number 5. Cancel Cheque 6. Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill) 7. Pan Card 8. Digital Signature With Company Stamp

If verification is not complete the account may be suspended. It goes without saying that you must register for GST and have GST number in order to become a seller on Ebay.

Prepare Item, List It

Choose the appropriate category in which you wish to list your product to sell. Selling on Ebay becomes so much easier when you list the product in the right category. Selling items on Ebay involve your having to photograph the product and display it along with the listing. You cannot lift a photo from anywhere unless you have permission to use your smartphone or a compact camera to capture images. Price the product and list it. One good thing is you can set a price and start an auction or mention the price as final buy it now price when you list it and the period can range from 7 days to over a month or more. Next, understand your limits. You may be limited to only 10 items and a limited amount at the start. Another thing to know about how do you sell on Ebay is the verified rights ownership program (VeRO) in which reputed brands are listed, brands that may not wish to have their brand products sold on Ebay or, if at all they are sold, then such products must be authentic.

Tricks And Tips

  1. Seller rating is an important part of how to sell products on Ebay. In order to generate confidence, you could buy a few items of your own listing, directly or with the help of a friend. This generates positive confidence about shipping speed and authenticity of products.

  2. One of the tricks to Ebay sell online is that when you list products on Ebay choose the appropriate name from the buyer’s perspective. Do some search to know what terms people use in their searches and how others list similar products. A full description is preferable such as “Nikon AFS DX 35 F1.8 G lens for APSC” instead of just “35mm lens for Nikon”

  3. Make sure products are in great condition

  4. List more than one photo. It may cost you but buyers would like different viewpoints. Make sure photos are clear and taken with adequate lighting to show all details.

  5. The success in how do you sell on Ebay depends on products chosen. Navigate to sites that show products with the highest sales potential and start dealing in such products even if there is competition. Look at the sell-through rates. Look at the average highest prices and price your product accordingly.

Post Order

Once an order is received your ship through a courier or join the Ebay shipping program, which should be a better option. There is also a powership calendar. You package the item in materials provided by Ebay and hand it over to a courier service that provides pick up facility.

Getting Paid

How to sell things on Ebay is what you have learned. Now the next part is about getting payment. You must open the paisa pay account which is an easy process on Ebay. Paisapay confirms that buyer has paid once a transaction is over and then you, as the seller, input details into the paisapay account, ensures the item has been delivered and buyer confirms receipt of an item. Paisapay then clears payment to seller which takes anywhere from 3 days to 21 days depending on the Platinum, gold or silver status.


Sellers have to pay a fee to Ebay for each sale. This varies according to the category and type of product sold. There is a fixed fee and paisapay base fee, which is a percentage of the value of an item. Please note that taxes will be applicable on Ebay fees so factor your selling price accordingly.

These are the basics. Ebay has a seller protection program to keep you protected against buyer frauds, damage in transit and other collaterals. Detailed information can be had from seller Ebay also offers seller financing and seller resources to help sellers maximize earning potential while serving buyers and staying safe.

"Ebay sells online is an opportunity you must grab. You could sell off old things you do not need and receive the higher amount. You could become a regular trader and earn regular income"

Ebay customer care -

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